Lemon Moms, A Guide to Understand and Survive Maternal Narcissism (Hardcover)

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Book #1: Lemon Moms, A Guide to Understand and Survive Maternal Narcissism walks you through the chaos and confusion of maternal narcissism: what it is, what it does, and how to recover from its devastating effects. With laid back narrative, personal examples, and action-oriented steps, you'll learn how to decode the hurtful, confusing behavior, begin healing yourself, and start moving forward.

This book is for you if your mother has personality traits that negatively impact your life or make having a relationship with her hurtful or difficult. She doesn't need a clinical diagnosis for you to determine that your relationship is hurtful, unsupportive, or non-nurturing. You get to decide that.

If you like detailed writing, personal examples, and a touch of humor, you'll like this book.

Learn how to:

• remove the drama from interactions

• set loving personal boundaries

• identify and shut down manipulative attempts

• learn about gaslighting to identify and know what to do about it

• learn about the Narcissism Cycle-of-Abuse

• learn the signs of Narcissistic Victim Syndrome

• find out if you're experiencing Narcissism Awareness Grief

• use the end-of-chapter questions and action steps for more insight

• and much more!

If you live with a narcissist or toxic person or have one in your life... you already know how much it negatively affects what you think, how you feel, and how you treat yourself. You can change that!

In narcissistic families, there's an unspoken rule: don't talk about it, don't trust anyone, and don't let yourself feel.

If you're done with that and want to move forward to heal in peace, this book is for you.

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Lemon Moms, A Guide to Understand and Survive Maternal Narcissism (Hardcover)

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